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Breathable Running Shoes Lightweight Men's

RM 100.00

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Product Details


Sole: Rubber

Heel height: 2cm

Color: green,white,yellow,black

European size: 39-46

Product advantages:

1. Using the latest technology to develop the sole, suitable for the foot shape of the public, plus designer color creation to match the best shoes.

2. Comfortable upper: Strictly selected materials with good texture to outline the classic curve of shoes.

3. The inside of the shoes is very comfortable: use a comfortable inner lining to fully protect your feet. Breathable and hygroscopic, very durable.

4. Slip-resistant and wear-resistant sole: The sole is made of high-quality fabric, which is very wear-resistant and durable.

Size 35 (225): foot length 22.1-22.5cm, foot width 8.5cm;

Size 36 (230): foot length 22.6-23.0cm, foot width 8.5-9.0cm;

Size 37 (235): foot length 23.1-23.5cm, foot width 9.0cm;

Size 38 (240): foot length 23.6-24.0cm, foot width 9.0-9.5cm;

Size 39 (245): foot length is 24.1-24.5cm, foot width is 9.5cm;

Size 40 (250): foot length is 24.6-25.0cm, foot width is 9.5-10.0cm;

Size 41 (255): foot length is 25.1-25.5cm, foot width is 10.0cm;

Size 42 (260): foot length is 25.6-26.0cm, foot width is 10.0-10.5cm;

Size 43 (265): foot length is 26.1-26.5cm, foot width is 10.5cm;

Size 44 (270): foot length is 26.6-27.0cm, foot width is 10.5-11.0cm;

Size 45 (275): foot length is 27.1-27.5cm, foot width is 11.0cm;

Size 46 (280): foot length is 27.6-28.0cm, foot width is 11.0-11.5cm;