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Who Is Dale Teri?

Who Is Dale Teri?

I am born and was diagnose with hydrocephalus at the age of 2 month old, a
medical device VP Shunt was surgically place inside one of my brain ventricle to
divert the excess fluid to prevent a harmful pressure to my brain tissue. It was

successfully done without any further need to replace the device as per interval
required. However the result of hydrocephalus caused me in a condition of cerebral
palsy and physically impaired as well as my body balance. At the age of 7 years old
my family moves from Sarawak to Melaka. My parent enrolls me into a special class
in one of the government school but was refuse entry because of my physical
impairment giving my toilet needs as a reason to reject without considering giving a
trail and later I was registered into an early intervention program in one of the non-
governmental organization centre to received my informal education and physical
therapy. My slow progress prompts my parent to move to Kuala Lumpur and reside
in Petaling Jaya. I was registered and attending a regular informal education and
physical therapy in one of the non-governmental organization centre specialized in
handling children with cerebral palsy and physical impairment.

At the age of 10 years old, I was enrolling to play a sport which meant

for a severe physical impairment person called Boccia. In the sport I do excel and
was selected to become a state player as well as a national player. My highest
achievement internationally was winning a silver medal in my individual event in the
Tokyo Asian Para Youth Games 2009 as well as achieves a silver medal for our team
At the age of 13 I left the NGO Centre, my parent try their very best to have
me continue my education preferably in a formal school. We did request from one
school through the assistance of one missionary brother but was turned down for
the reason given by the principal that he did not want it to be a precedence to
accept a disable person into the school.
Due to the awareness, of having difficulty to attend a formal school for
education to get a formal educational qualification, my parent find their ways for

me and found one place at local college where I was enroll to study a certificate
level in Cisco and Networking. The college agree to accept but on condition of
studying for knowledge with no certificate recognition because of no formal
qualification evidence to avoid the college being penalised by the governing body.
With the knowledge, I was able to plan of doing my freelance work from home
doing networking and designing. That works does not go well as I do not have many
customers, then I decide to design a t-shirt but then again it does not do well. At the
same time I learn from online on how to do online selling.
Somehow a family friend comes with a helping hand by providing me an
overrun new branded shoes and bags for me to sell on a back to back profit sharing
basis where I pay the item which I sell from the lots of stocks given to me Our sales
was good until finished sell all of our shoes stock. Before the stocks run out I do
aware that the new stock may not come again as its all depend on overrun stocks so

I source for a supplier for all type of footwear. With the outcome of my selling of
footwear doing well I decide that this is going to be my main product. As my shoe
business keep growing, I see it as my future step towards my independent living
At times when my online business start picking up, I face a setback as my FB
Live stream selling was blocked by FB without stating any reason